Ontario Motor Sales, along with Clarington Hyundai, Clarington Kia, Marigold Ford Lincoln, and Durham Harley-Davidson, have teamed up with RallySport Ontario to sponsor the Ontario Performance Rally Championship, providing a Competitor Prize Fund for rally teams competing for the championship!  We are happy to build on the support we have provided since 2021, continuing to sponsor for the 2024 season!

Visit the OPRC site and RallySport Ontario for more information about the specifics of the Prize Fund.

Exclusive Vehicle Discount

Our partnership with RallySport Ontario and the Ontario Performance Rally Championship goes beyond mere sponsorship. We're thrilled to offer the CARS Member Rebate Program as an additional way to actively support the rally community through an exclusive rebate program on the purchase of a new vehicle. This program allows us to extend benefits to CARS-affiliated rally club members, along with their friends and family, who share our passion for driving and performance!


Exclusive Discount for the entire Rally Community!

For a limited time, we are offering our CARS Member Rebate Program to the ENTIRE rally community! This offer is valid to ALL supporters of the rally community until February 29th, 2024 – if you picked up our offer card (pictured here) at the latest OPRC or other rally event, you are eligible!  Eligibility requirements are otherwise the same as the CARS Member Rebate Program, except you do not need to be a CARS-affiliated club member, you just have to present the physical offer card at time of purchase to receive the rebate.

How to Take Advantage of this Exclusive Offer:

  1. Visit Our Showroom: Drop by any of our five dealership locations and present the coupon you received.
  2. Schedule an Appointment: Book an appointment with one of our product specialists who will guide you through the process and help you make an informed decision.  Remember to bring in the coupon when you go to purchase the vehicle to be eligible for the rebate

*Must present this coupon in-store to redeem your discount*

CARS Member Rebate Program


The CARS Member Rebate Program is an exclusive offering for active members of CARS-affiliated rally clubs in Canada (not just Ontario). The program allows members (including family members residing at the same address, and up to 2 friends and family members not living at the same address) to enjoy rebates on the purchase (or order) of a new vehicle during the program period. By participating in this program, rally club members can enjoy substantial savings on their new vehicle purchase.


1.Eligibility: The program is open to active members of CARS-affiliated clubs who have been members for at least six months. Proof of membership must be presented to qualify for the rebate.  Family members living at the same address also qualify for the rebate

* In addition to the above, CARS-affiliated rally club members may extend this offer to a maximum of two (2) friends or family members (not residing at the same address) as a “refer a friend” option during the program period.

2. Motorcycle Categories: The program offers rebates on new Softail & Touring Harley-Davidson motorcycles

3. Rebates:

- New Harley-Davidson Softail models are eligible for a $500 rebate.

- New Harley-Davidson Touring models eligible for a $1000 rebate.

4. No Purchase Limits: Members can utilize the rebate on any number of eligible vehicles they purchase (one rebate eligible per vehicle).

5. Exclusive to Durham Harley-Davidson: This program is exclusively available at Durham Harley-Davidson for New Harley-Davidson motorcycles. This is not a manufacturer rebate, it is only available at Durham Harley-Davidson. The rebates can only be applied on new Harley-Davidson Softail & Touring Models purchased from Durham Harley-Davidson. This offer is a unique exclusive offer and is being provided in conjunction with our sponsorship of the Ontario Performance Rally Championship.

6. Eligible Motorcycles: The following vehicles are eligible for the rebate. All other models are excluded from the rebate program (rare vehicles, specialty vehicles, etc.)
     •   New Harley-Davidson Softail models
     •   New Harley-Davidson Touring models


  1. Validity: The rebate program is valid for the 2024 calendar year only. In order for a purchase to qualify for the rebate, it must have a bill of sale dated on or before December 31st, 2024. In the case of a vehicle that is ordered, as long as the order was placed on or before December 31st, 2024, it will qualify for the rebate once the vehicle arrives and is delivered.
  2. Non-transferable: The rebate offer is non-transferable and can only be used by the qualifying member of the CARS-affiliated club and family members residing at the same address, and for the maximum two (2) refer a friend offers.
  3. Cumulative Offer: The rebate can be combined with any other manufacturer or dealership offers available at the time of purchase.
  4. Proof of Eligibility: Applications for the rebate must include proof of membership in a CARS-affiliated club for greater than six months.